Sex is a pleasant thing, and sometimes you want it to continue and continue. But often it happens that the man is already at the finish line, and the woman just warmed up. What pharmaceutical companies advised to you?

Don’t forget about foreplay.

Approaching the peak of sexual pleasure, take a break. Return to caresses and kisses, and then again continue sexual intercourse. During the period of such a pause, the passion will fade a little, which in turn will prolong the sex.

Change poses

The fact that the usual sexual poses can make the body work like a clock, leading to a top faster than you and your partner would like. And any novelty, on the contrary, is able to postpone ejaculation.

Breathe deeper

Feeling the approach of orgasm, slow down, and take one or more deep breaths. This will help you relax such as prescription drugs.

Infiltrate slowly

It is better to start penetrating the partner slowly, then you can accelerate a little. If you feel the approach of orgasm, you can stop and just stay inside the partner until you feel that you are able to resume the process.